Welcome to JPR & Associates, LLC

 An Introduction from our Founder,                      Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Joe Ruffini

Who We Are

JPR is a Colorado-based, veteran-owned, consulting, training and education firm founded in 1995. JPR's team of associates is composed of best–in–class, subjective matter experts, with more than 135 years of combined knowledge and expertise in a multitude of professional disciplines. We pride ourselves on our demonstrated ability to provide innovative, common sense and affordable services and solutions to our private and public sector clients. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to government entities, schools, police departments and individuals. No client is too big or too small. No task is too simple or too complicated.


JPR Assists Local Nonprofits with Business Continuity Planning

"I am very disturbed and concerned to learn that more than 75% of nonprofit organizations in Colorado Springs do not have a business continuity (BC) plan," comments Joe Ruffini. "Especially in light of the recent and devastating Waldo Canyon fire, the ability for every nonprofit to be able to quickly reconstitute and continue to operate after a natural or man-made emergency or disaster hinges upon a current and workable BC plan." JPR believes that a BC plan does not have to be long, complex or costly.  It simply needs to be current, concise and contain the minimum data, information, and procedures necessary to continue to render essential services until a return to normal operations can be effected. The vast majority of nonprofits based in Colorado Springs are small organizations with lean operating budgets and just a few, paid staffers. These nonprofits have the most to lose by not prudently planning before a debilitating event occurs. With respect to BC planning and Colorado Springs' nonprofits, "one size usually fits all."  JPR estimates that 80% + of Colorado Springs nonprofits' can fulfill their BC planning needs by simply tweaking an off-the-shelf, boiler plate document. 


The Center for Homeland Security, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Teams with JPR to Promote Awareness of Middle East Affairs

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs' Center for Homeland Security (CHS) has teamed with JPR to foster a more in-depth understanding of the ongoing freedom movements and the emerging democracies in North Africa and the Middle East. The CHS officially endorsed and is now promoting JPR's Understanding the Arab Spring and the Rise of the Islamists to Power seminar to corporations, government entities and academic institutions from coast to coast. For more information about this dynamic and eye-opening session, please click on the "Presentations" tab at the top of this page.


JPR & the University of Rhode Island  Partner in Continuing Ed                                                                                                                                                                                               

JPR created online, masters-level courses in homeland security, homeland defense and transnational terror studies, now offered by the University of Rhode Island (URI), Feinstein Campus. These courses are uniquely asynchronous in that course requirements are adjustable in accordance with each individual student's personal and professional life schedule. Students set assignment deadlines, not their JPR instructors. There are no worries about wasting time and money by not completing a course because traditional timelines could not be met.  Our students have put their course work on hold for weeks and even months due to heavy, professional workloads and travel requirements, family vacations, medical emergencies, etc. Designed for success, URI also awards continuing education credits for the course work.  For more information or to enroll, visit the URI Website @ http://www.uri.edu/prov/certificate_noncredit/certificate/homelandsecurity/overview.html

JPR's Strategic Alliance with the Operations Security Professionals Association (OSPA)

The Operations Security Professional's Association

The Operations Security Professional's Association

Operations Security (OPSEC) is relevant and applicable to government and military organizations, private sector companies, families and individuals. Practicing sound, day-to-day OPSEC is all about prudent vigilance, not paranoia. Whether the need to safeguard corporate intellectual property or a home that is empty while the family is on vacation, the five-step OPSEC process is easy to learn and apply.

The Operations Security Professionals Association, a non-profit, was founded by former U.S. Army Sergeant Chris Cox.  Chris served in Iraq and became concerned with what he perceived to be a serious lack of OPSEC in theater. From his passion for safeguarding sensitive information and thus protecting his fellow warriors, OSPA was born. The Operations Security Professionals Association offers its members free OPSEC education and no-cost, 24/7 Email/phone consulting expertise and support. Please visit OSPA's Website to learn more and join @ http://www.opsecprofessionals.org/

Arab Spring Seminar Premiers at U.S. Northern Command

JPR premiered its "Understanding the Arab Spring and the Rise of the Islamists to Power" seminar to military and civilian members of United States Northern Command at USNORTHCOM headquarters in Colorado Springs on December 14, 2012. JPR was brought in by the Battelle Memorial Institute to participate in its Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) Guest Speaker Program. Seminar details are provided on this Website under the "PRESENTATIONS" tab at the top of the page.


JPR Supports the Indiana Army National Guard

nat guard.jpg

In December 2012, JPR was brought in for the third year in a row by the Indiana Army National Guard's Office of Counter Terrorism to present two days of Arab Spring and Domestic Terror Awareness training for guard members. The sessions sparked many good questions and rousing discussions. Our thanks to our Indiana Army National Guard hosts and attendees for their hospitality, interest and enthusiastic participation.