Syrian President Holding Firm

The ongoing struggle of the Syrian rebels to oust their tyrannical president has resulted in the deaths of some 60,000 Syrians.  On January 6, 2013, President Bashir al-Assad outlined what was billed as a new peace initiative.  The opposition leaders saw it as more of the same and al-Assad's staunch commitment to keep up the fight until the rebellion is put down. Read more @

Al-Assad will fall, just as did Tunisian President Ben Ali, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak  in Egypt. and Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. These depots, having lived in bubbles and been fawned upon all of their entitled lives - actually develop a skewed sense of reality and security.  They are always verbal and assertive right up to the end.  Al-Assad will flee his country or be killed before summer of 2013. The freedom movement in North Africa and the Middle East will prevail.  The Syrian people have sacrificed much in almost two years of armed conflict against their government.  Let's hope and pray they hang in there.