U.S. Drone Strikes Continue

During his first term of office and now into his second one, President Obama has increased the use of drone strikes to target and terminate those who end up on the U.S.' "hit list."  The estimated number of deaths by U.S. drone strikes under President Obama is already FOUR TIMES as many as during President Bush's entire eight years in office. (Read more @ http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/06/16376663-us-drone-strikes-kill-18-pakistani-militants-sources-tell-nbc?lite).  

President Obama definitely possesses an aggressive, hawkish streak when it comes to eliminating the al Qaeda and Taliban leadership. The drone strikes inside of Pakistan's sovereign air space do not make us a lot of friends among the indigenous population; war by its nature is nasty and intrusive. Mr. Obama's message to Pakistan is clear: deal with the Taliban and al Qaeda yourselves or we will do it for you. Bravo, Mr. President!