Joe Ruffini is a published author of numerous books and other publications on terror awareness and prevention. 


When Terror Comes to Main street

It delivers the straight scoop about terrorism, the wars we are fighting, and what everyday citizens must do now, individually and collectively, to prepare for and even prevent terror attacks in their communities.

This book is the blueprint for citizen understanding.

4.8 out of 5 Stars on Amazon



Osama bin laden: his death and the future of al qaeda and the islamist jihad

In this riveting and fast-paced expose on the death of the most wanted global terrorist of the 21st century, retired Lieutenant Colonel and anti-terrorism expert Joe Ruffini explains exactly WHAT happened, and WHY you should care.Lieutenant Colonel Ruffini identifies 6 unexpected consequences of Bin Laden's death, consequences that will impact everyone from Main Street to Wall Street, from the streets of Egypt to the walkways of Paris. Here are just some of your questions that will be answered: Who will take over from OBL now that al Qaeda's iconic leader has been assassinated? What is the likelihood that al Qaeda or other Islamic terrorist groups will seek revenge, and in what shape and form? Who are the key players in Islamic terrorism and how will they take advantage of this power vacuum? What can everyday citizens do to better protect themselves and their country?Finally, what can we learn from McGruff the Crime Dog and Rosy the Riveter to ensure global security in the 21st century?

4.3 out of 5 Stars on Amazon


Global Terror & International affairs - The Master's Series

Eighteen months in the making, our Master’s Series was created in its entirety by Certified Master Anti-Terrorism Specialist Joe Ruffini, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, author and anti-terror practitioner with more than 35 years of operational experience. The CD contains summaries of the authors' main points from 36 books written by the acknowledged experts of our day. Most of the summaries are only twenty pages in length, even for books that contain 400-pages or more.